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Ampro Pro Styl Argan Oil Gel 10 Oz., Pack of 24

Ampro Pro Styl Argan Oil Gel 10 Oz., Pack of 24

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The Ampro Pro Styl Argan Oil Gel is a must-have for those who want to style their hair while keeping it healthy and shiny. This 10 oz. gel comes with the goodness of Argan Oil . which is known for its nourishing properties.

  • Nourishing formula: The gel contains Argan oil . which helps to nourish the hair and keep it healthy.
  • Long-lasting hold: The VPVA copolymer in the gel provides a long-lasting hold . keeping your hairstyle in place all day long.
  • No flakes or greasiness: This gel does not leave any flakes or greasiness behind . giving you a clean look every time you use it.

This 284g net weight product is made by Ampro - a trusted manufacturer of beauty and personal care products. It has been formulated using high-quality ingredients such as Triethanolamine . Carbomer . Polysorbate 20 and Glycerin to give your hair the best care possible. The product has been made in the US with an expert formula that makes styling easy at home without having to visit salons regularly!

The Ampro Pro Styl Argan Oil Gel has been designed for adults who want their hairstyles to look perfect while also keeping their hair healthy from within! So why wait? Try this amazing product today!

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